Testing and Automation Services


Software companies in the United States seem to be increasingly confronted with software testing lately, especially in view of the increasing quality demands on software products and demand from their customers. Automating software testing is increasingly coming into the picture here, in order to meet the increasing demand in the field of testing. In addition, test automation makes an important contribution to a good DevOps environment, for example.


Automation of tests is not always a good solution but is a good fit when large numbers of (regression) tests for mature complex software have to be performed over a longer period of time. Automated testing is best suited for large projects, projects that require the same areas to be tested over and over, and projects that have already undergone an initial manual testing process. Implementing test automation for a mature product can improve cost efficiency, increase test coverage (for example, to detect errors) and contribute to the reuse of test scripts in the long term.

The benefit of choosing Testing and Automation services


A shorter feedback cycle leads to lower repair costs

Bugs (read: errors) that software developers introduce into the development process are more costly to fix as they are discovered later in the process. So the time to identify a bug is proportional to the cost of recovery. As a result, a shorter feedback cycle of test results leads to lower recovery costs. Test Automation ensures this faster feedback of test results and thus leads to lower recovery costs.

Fewer manual errors lead to better software

Errors are common in manual testing. For example, a forgotten test case or incorrectly executed data. Running a large number of manual tests for an increasing number of software releases leads to many more of these errors. Test Automation, on the other hand, has an endlessly good condition, is also razor-sharp in the middle of the night, and never makes mistakes. Even in high-risk test cases, these tests are performed flawlessly without a time limit.

Much higher speed leads to much more

Testing possibilities A regression test set is a set to run as a whole for a new software version. Thousands of tests are included in this. This set performs a very high-speed orchestrator. Similar to manual testing, such an orchestrator performs the tests hundreds of times the speed. The costs after setting up such a regression test set are limited to the maintenance costs of the test set as a result of adjusting the software product.

Shifting from testing to more creative work

Automated testing thus leads to much less manual work. A software company can use that saving to develop more functionalities and better software. There is also more time for exploratory testing, a creative form of testing that is more difficult to capture in automatic testing.

Our approach

Test automation requires a vision, strategy, and architecture that suits your organization. Only by tailoring it can test automation be successful. This requires technical and organizational solutions. Many existing options in terms of tools and automation are often available. Save on costs through smart reuse of these technical solutions. With the right strategy and architecture, test automation is maintainable and effective in the long term.

We start with an analysis of the current architecture, the ICT landscape, and the organization. Based on this analysis, we draw up a strategy for the implementation of test automation. This is followed by a tool selection and the actual setting up of your test automation and framework. Finally, the actual checks are automated, which of course also includes the management and maintenance of the automated test suite.

How can we help you?


E Cloud Optimum Quality Services can be of service to you in many ways. We can take everything off your hands by setting up and setting up test automation within your organization. We would much rather work with you and train your employees. Our experts advise and coach. It is important that the approach is secured in your organization. Our tech experts have already successfully set up, supervised, and executed test automation projects for many customers in various sectors. We are independent of tools and suppliers and have many years of experience with both commercial and open-source tooling in a wide variety of architectures, sectors, and organizations.


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