Infrastructure services

Infrastructure services include communication services, networking, data processing and storage, platforms through which businesses can share content and media, knowledge management, systems, applications, IoT, user devices, resilience. Most importantly, infrastructure services provide a help desk to support end-users with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees a level of service.

A managed Infrastructure as-a-administration model conveys more prominent accessibility and uptime while diminishing the cost and cerebral pains of an independent framework. With choices for single-and multitenant infrastructure, on-or off-premises managed IaaS gives the total framework stack from centralized computer to x86 registering all on crossbreed cloud. The centralized computer is an advanced and inventive piece of the half-breed cloud story, investigating the numerous potential outcomes of encountering the security, execution, accessibility, and different qualities just IBM Z and Linux ONE can give.

Benefits of Hiring IT Infrastructure Services

Your network must be secure, flexible, and clear. Worry-free, so you don’t have to worry about your network, security, or data center. This way you can focus on the core business of your company.

  • User/endpoint: A good IT infrastructure starts with securing your endpoints. These are the devices that connect to your company network. With Endpoint Security and single sign-on, you protect all devices connected to your network. In addition, it is important to gain better insight into the use of your applications and endpoints. This is how you prevent Shadow IT. And for this, you also need the attention of your employees. With security awareness, you create this awareness by means of training modules. In short, all kinds of functionalities make your endpoints more secure, leaving you time for other things.


  • Networking: Your network is your lifeline for your organization. But setting up a network environment involves more than you think. Because you want a user-friendly and fast network that is also secure. With a reliable switching and wireless environment, you create the foundation for your organization. Do you want to get a grip on all connected devices on this network? Then enable Network Access Control (NAC). Based on your wishes and a wireless site survey, E Cloud Optimum looks at how you can optimize even further. With all these facets, we ensure that your network environment is ready for the future.


  • Security: A manageable and secure IT infrastructure with critical security solutions you create a watertight environment step by step. With our smart security proposition, you aim for 99.9% security. But how safe and efficient is your environment now? Do the Network Health Scan or vulnerability assessment to gain insight into this. This is how we build a secure IT infrastructure together with you.


  • Hybrid data center: Data is the new gold. You hear it everywhere, but getting the most out of your data is quite a challenge. Because more and more processes are digital, the amount of data that you store in your data center is growing. Set up your server and storage environment optimally, so that you store the growing amount of data as smartly and effectively as possible and can always guarantee sufficient capacity. Is your data center ready for the future?


Reliable partner for assistance and maintenance

Because E Cloud Optimum always starts from a good ICT analysis, we can solve problems with ICT infrastructure very quickly. Our helpdesk can intervene very quickly in acute problems, but we also look at what you need as an organization in the longer term, so that we can prevent many (growth) problems.

E Cloud Optimum only works with reliable hardware partners and is certified by all its suppliers. Your company is always monitored by an internal account manager who knows your ICT infrastructure very well so that we can intervene quickly and accurately with knowledge of the facts. It may be a good idea to perform an ICT Quick scan if you are considering using E Cloud Optimum as an ICT partner. This gives you direct insight into where things are right and where things can be improved in terms of performance, costs, maintenance, and safety.