Managed IT services


Businesses are facing cyber threats more than ever before. Because these deals

continue to develop, it is difficult to keep up with them or to be sure that you are protected against them. With a suite of managed services, we can ensure verified security processes and always up-to-date solutions to keep your business safe and comply with data security laws and regulations. Our method covers everything from endpoint security for your devices to patch management for your applications, password management processes for your team, network firewalls, scanning for external vulnerabilities, and more.


Without managed IT services When you don’t have package managed services with continuous monitoring virus scans, password renewal rules, and clear security policies put you are at risk of a data breach. This can lead to reputational damage, lost time and revenue, and fines for violations of regulations, among other things.

Managed IT Services is kind of our thing.


Not every employee knows what to do if the system becomes slow. Since digitization, companies are increasingly working with digital tools, but the level of knowledge in the field of IT has not grown with it. With managed IT services you get IT knowledge in-house without the high costs of having your own IT department. Companies are provided with the latest updates ‘underwater’ through outsourcing and get the best of IT at a lower cost. Here Managed services at E Cloud Optimum follows:


  • Managed migration Services


We are an adultly Managed IT administration organization to assist you with any task requiring information relocation. These can be, for instance, relocation from on-reason to cloud, from one cloud to another, information movement in information distribution center undertakings, coordination projects, and some more. Anything you really want, we offer ensures a positive outcome and on-time administration conveyance.


  • Managed DevOps Services


Delegate your DevOps to an expert oversaw IT supplier (MSP) to construct CI/CD pipelines, execute a new or refreshed IT foundation, move to another framework, or other. With oversaw administrations, it very well may be quicker to deliver new items and better work together across different divisions. We have skills in the AWS code pipeline, Docker, Digital Ocean, Oracle Database, and some more.


  • Managed Testing Services


We offer oversaw IT support in all testing-related exercises for your product item advancement. Managed testing is suggested in the event that you don’t have talented assets installed, or you might want to get fair QA administration. Our test engineers are knowledgeable about manual and robotized testing, including security testing, infiltration testing, and coordination testing.


  • Managed Support Services


We are an overseen IT support organization offering various specialized help choices: 24×7 covering record-breaking zones, 24×5 covering record-breaking zones, 12×5 covering 12 hours of the day on workdays, 8×5 covering business hours just, and on stand by help choices with varieties. Kindly get in touch with us to find out about the choice that is fascinating for your organization.


Let E Cloud Optimum Manage “your” IT Services


Our clients go to us as an IT outsourcing on the grounds that we are specialists in the executives and business programming arrangements. We convey esteem by permitting you to focus on your business accomplishment while decreasing personal time and controlling expenses. We adopt an essential business strategy by talking with you to comprehend your business innovation needs. We then, at that point, assess and prescribe the best innovation to address those issues, so innovation is created to accommodate your business – not the opposite way around. Then, at that point, we execute the suitable Managed IT services as flawlessly as could really be expected.


IT moving to a Managed Service Provider yet probably the most compelling motivation organizations enormous and little join forces with organizations like E Cloud Optimum is to lessen the migraines connected with maintaining a business. Brilliant entrepreneurs comprehend that it is almost difficult to have profound enough information on every one of the parts of maintaining a business not to mention tracking down the assets to work effectively. That is the place where we come in.