About the company

E Cloud Optimum IT solutions and consulting firm founded in the year 2004 by a group of senior diversified technology professionals with different domain expertise in Finance, Healthcare, pharma, and manufacturing. We believe that both the customer and situation are unique. That’s why we don’t offer you service until we fully understand your problem. This enables us to offer the right solution for every IT security challenge and development challenge, regardless of size or complexity.


In close collaboration with our stakeholders, we draw up a strategic plan for every new technology update in which we describe how we fulfill our mission. This plan is our offer to society. Our strategy is a reflection of trends that we have observed in society and technology. In close consultation with our stakeholders, we have defined domains and spearheads on which we focus. These are in line with the challenges and ambitions of the Top Sectors and the social themes in the United States, and other countries.


  • We are already on our way to you

Our helpdesk employees help you quickly, competently and know what is going on. And if necessary, we will be at your doorstep without fail to solve the issue ASAP. Guaranteed!

  • We stick our neck out for you!

We really look further into the field of technology, security and are enterprising in this regard. We have broad expertise. Knowledge that we put into practice every day to optimize business. For you, your workplace and your company network, solicited and unsolicited.

  • We have a voice for your problems!

If all goes well, you won’t experience any problems. We work proactively. This way we have already solved your problem before you experience it. Did you know that we love challenging questions in order to arrive at appropriate solutions?

  • We have a clear view in the cloud

The cloud no longer holds any secrets for us. We believe that you should also be able to work independently of place and time. As a Microsoft Cloud partner, we know those possibilities for you. Of course with an ‘open mind’ for new developments.