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In the past, every company had an employee who knew a lot about technology. When the server went down, all questioning eyes were on him or her. But IT developments have caught up with the internal knowledge level, while companies have more and more IT in-house. E Cloud optimum IT support & consulting services is the first-line in a specialist that you can contact in case of a problem, challenge, or user question. And we are bilingual; we understand the technology and talk back in a clear language. In this way, we make IT accessible and useful for every employee in your company.

Why E Cloud Optimum is different from others?

By outsourcing to our IT support & consulting services, you have access to specialist first-line IT knowledge without the high costs of having your own IT department. Our IT Specialists with clear language about IT will make your business reach the next level without any issues.


  • Single point of contact: There is little more annoying than having to repeat the same question to different people. That is why we work with a so-called single point of contact: a single point of contact where companies can go with all questions about IT. That could be: why can’t I access my files? How often should I back up? But also; how do I use my mail more efficiently? The IT support & consulting services help companies to make full use of IT.


  • Knowledge of the client’s business: In essence, companies are becoming more and more IT companies. Since digitization they use more devices and employees rely on the technology of the cloud. But in the event of a disaster, not every company has the same IT needs.


At E Cloud optimum we know who we are doing business with. We think it is important to know our customer’s business so that we can come up with a suitable solution to a question. A good example of this is a notary’s printer. That is one of the critical parts of the IT infrastructure because without the printer no house can pass through. We take care of the maintenance of the critical business units ‘underwater’ and where possible we solve preventive problems in collaboration with the system administrator. We make sure it works without noticing so that companies can focus on what’s important. We call that having knowledge.


  • From IT demand to underlying IT issue: The IT support & consulting services people are the first-line IT specialists where companies can ask questions about systems, networks, and applications. We regularly see that a question is part of a larger whole. That is why we look for the question behind the question.


We proactively analyze how your company can work more efficiently with IT and also provide the solution. We involve all parties in this, including suppliers that we do not manage. We ensure that companies get the best from IT without having this specialist knowledge in-house.

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Does your company need specialist IT support & Consulting Services knowledge without the high costs of its own IT department? E cloud optimum is a national IT manager that mainly serves companies in the regions of the United States. To discover the possibilities of outsourcing for your company and contact us.