Software Development Services

Software is becoming increasingly important in our lives. Both private and business. As a company, you can use software for all your critical processes, such as to support your internal business processes, chain collaboration, and service provision to your customers. Good standard software is available for some generic processes. For company-specific processes, you as an organization want software that is tailored to your company. E Cloud Optimum is specialized in custom software. Based on our many years of experience, we quickly develop high-quality software based on available standard components. If you have an idea for an application, please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation intake.

The use of the mobile phone and other portable devices has exploded. For many companies, mobile users are already the largest group of users. The potential of the mobile user market is therefore enormous. More than 2 billion people already have a smart phone. This number will continue to grow rapidly. The use of the mobile phone is also almost epidemic with many users being active with their phone all day long. The convenience that a mobile app offers is therefore unprecedented. After all, who does not use an app for mobile banking, news, social media, gaming, e-commerce, travel information, etc. Thanks to cloud technology, apps are also becoming smarter and more powerful. By moving the heavier work to the cloud, apps can be kept small and fast while providing increasingly powerful functionality. In the coming years we will see many developments, especially in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and Mixed Reality (MR) where the physical and virtual worlds come together.


Software development is increasingly shifting towards the Cloud. Software development in the cloud, therefore, offers many advantages. It enables companies to innovate faster and deliver new functionality to users, thereby generating business value. In doing so, costs can be reduced. Cloud adoption has therefore taken off in recent years. The business benefits that Cloud solutions offer are clearly demonstrated. For many companies it is no longer a question of whether they are going to the cloud, they are often already active in the cloud or have concrete plans to do so.


Online versions of the most important software products in use by many companies are now available that are used according to Software-as-a-Service. For the suppliers of these applications, this offers enormous advantages because these applications can be maintained much faster and easier and users can receive updates more often. Users always have the latest version of the software. Also, the capacity of your own data center is no longer the limiting factor. Sufficient capacity can always be made available in the Cloud and at lower costs. Thanks to the pay-for-use principle, you have full control over costs and you will never run out of capacity. Imagine realizing this with your own on-premise data center.

Working Process at E Cloud Optimum

We believe it is important that the software development process runs smoothly. That means: you get what you want, and your project stays within budget. In addition, we like to invest in our customers. Because only then can we deliver what you need. And we ensure quality. That is why we always follow the same steps in our ICT projects.

  • Start the conversation: All our trajectories start with one or more initial conversations. In this, we try to get a picture of your intention with the software. We discuss your goal, wishes, and needs. At E Cloud Optimum we also provide advice based on our technical knowledge.
  • Specification Document: Do we feel we understand what you want? Then we record your intention and the desired result in a specification document. We do this concisely, clearly, and specifically. You will receive a copy of this document.
  • Start software development: We get started on the basis of the specification document. Because you can view the document yourself, you always know what we are working on at that moment. This keeps our progress transparent, and we like that. You can always see that we keep our promises, and you can ask questions if things don’t go according to plan.
  • Support even after software delivery: With us, the service does not stop when the software is finished. After delivery, we offer various forms of support. For this, we have a standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) that you can use. But it is also possible to make specific SLA agreements that better suit your needs.

Why choose E Cloud Optimum for Software development

Software development deals with the problem of everyday life to a computer program. You can see this development at E Cloud Optimum. The choice is huge when it comes to software development. Do you want a web application or do you prefer the advantages of a desktop application? Or maybe you are improved on SaaS applications. Whichever direction you want to take, the solutions of  E Cloud Optimum are made possible by flexibility, ease of use, and a maximum return on investment. Together with you, our experts will look for the best suitable solution.

Our Tech experts mainly focus on IT architecture, processes, applications and infrastructure. Also offers organizations a complete range of services in these areas. From feasibility analysis studies and process analyses to implementation and maintenance.