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In earlier times, a company always needed a physical server room or its own IT infrastructure for applications and for the processing or backup of digitized data. This ties up capacities and resources that are usually associated with investments and also requires comprehensive support for servers and IT infrastructure. However, since there has been the possibility of using cloud computing, the requirements and options for your company have changed significantly.

The basic principle of cloud computing is simple. You rent infrastructure, resources, and software provided by a cloud provider for your company. In terms of bandwidth, processor performance, and storage capacity, you can usually choose between different variants. In this way, the entire scope of cloud computing can be explicitly aligned to your own needs or to company-specific circumstances. Individuality and flexibility are trumps here.

Benefits of Cloud Security

As a specialized IT system house, we know exactly the potential of cloud computing. With us as your partner at your side, you will fully benefit from the advantages and the individual possibilities of cloud services. Our technical experts would be happy to advise you competently and comprehensively about cloud services or cloud solutions, which we tailor to your company and your needs. Efficient mobile work with the cloud – we make it effectively possible.

  • The hard drive on the Internet ensures that files are mobile without much effort. Instead of distributing data with a USB stick or by e-mail as before, you simply access the data stored in the cloud with the web browser. Also, some services automatically synchronize files between different devices, whether it’s a PC, smartphone, or tablet computer. This eliminates the hassle of checking whether the different versions of the files are identical. The later distribution of files – such as images in a photo album – is very easy: You open a specific cloud folder for specific users and just send them the link to the folder in question. E-mails with photo files in megabytes are thus superfluous.
  • Cloud services also have the great advantage that computer users no longer have to worry about regularly backing up their files. This is done by the cloud service provider who provides the corresponding storage service. The service provider takes care of enough storage, and the customer does not have to buy an expensive software package but rents it for a fixed amount per month. This saves equity and possible costs for maintenance, which, however, are usually only incurred with extensive programs for companies.
  • Not only public users but also private users benefit from cloud services by being able to call up the desired computer programs from the Internet. This not only saves you from having to install the word processing program on your own computer, but it also means that the software is always up to date and does not have to be constantly updated with updates. On another hand, cloud security allows several users to edit a file, for example, a text document or a presentation, together. Different users can log in to a document at the same time; version control is handled by the cloud software.
  • Dynamic and unlimited scalability in IT services is available flexibly and precisely in the cloud. Resource consumption can be scaled up and down on an ad hoc basis. If an application requires additional resources – for example at peak times for monthly payroll accounting – these can be switched on dynamically without any effort. If they are no longer needed, you simply switch them off. Other advantages of clouds are that IT services can be implemented quickly and are highly available. If the technical and organizational requirements first have to be created in conventional IT in order to operate an IT service, they can be used immediately in the cloud. IT requirements can be satisfied without waiting times.
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More and more people are uploading their data to the cloud. It’s also practical because cloud storage can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and with almost any device. But which service offers high data protection and ensures privacy? Where are the prices cheap, the service easy, and constant availability guaranteed? We are at E Cloud Optimum deals with major cloud storage providers namely Google, Azure, Microsoft, Dropbox, and many more well-recognized companies.

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Cloud solutions designing your work environment to be fundamentally mobile have long since become the epitome of modern work. The SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) delivery model, in particular, has proven to be highly efficient. The name E cloud optimum is more or less the program here and stands for individual cloud management. We don’t just set up the cloud for you – we create a modern working environment for you with our comprehensive cloud service.